Magnetic Driven Flipper

The solid cologne flipper is CNC'd from a block of 6061 aluminum and uses a combination of thrust ball bearings and N52 grade neodymium magnets for its magnetic drive.


Replaceable Cartridges

The flipper comes with one or two solid cartridges and extras can be ordered and replaced with ease. Each cartridge is hand poured in France and currently features an oud fragrance with more scents to come.

Sleek + Portable

A durable yet elegant shell makes the solid cologne flipper an ideal addition to any everyday carry collection. It becomes much easier to take your personal fragrance on the go and reapplication becomes a breeze.


Luxury Packaging

Packaging for the solid colognes comes in two options depending on the number of cartridges chosen. They both feature a reflective gold foil pattern on top of the soft-touch matte black box, exuding sophistication.